My English Garden – May 2013


My English cottage garden has had a wonderful show of tulips during the last week. It’s so wonderful to watch them opening up every day when the sun comes out!


Each year I lift some of the bulbs and dry them off. I usually pick a hot, dry day in summer and let the bulbs have a good baking.


Once they are dry, I rub off the soil and store them until the Autumn when I plant them out again, usually haphazardly. I like to see where they come up, mixing the colours as I go.


Just love to count how many of each colour I have each year.


…but I always buy new ones, usual ten at a time. That guarantees that at least some of them will come true. I put the new ones in a tub by the back door to the cottage so I can see them from the kitchen window.

The cowslips are pretty too, aren’t they!


The primroses and primulas are mainly over now but there is still a bit of colour visible.



What a joy my Spring garden is. It delights all the senses.

Have a good week everyone.


8 thoughts on “My English Garden – May 2013

    • Thank you. I do, but our Spring has been so long in coming this year and short-lived because now we are in a period of rapid growth and the tulips are nearly over already!

  1. Oma love your spring flowers tulips bring such colour. Such a shame they don’t last long. Love the cowslips. I have some near my pond and always they bring there own delicate beauty to the garden. Your garden looks very pretty Oma.
    And thank you for the Book tip on tree wisdom. No I haven’t got that book it looks very good. I have one on folk lore which is good. Have a great Sunday X
    Sue 🙂

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