Update to the Bee March


Following on from my last post, here is a link to the Bbc.co.uk site report on the Bee March. I thought you might like to see it and hear what the representatives were saying. Please tell me if the link doesn’t work. I think you should be able to watch the short videos on the news over here in England but I would like to know if you can’t.

I hope that the march was successful. I’ll hear more in the future.

How are the bees doing in your neck of the woods?

ps: in the picture today, you can see a bee on a teasel plant. I grow these in my cottage garden mainly for the bees because they love it, but also for the greenfinches, chaffinches and goldfinches who come in the winter and love the seeds.


4 thoughts on “Update to the Bee March

  1. We have wild bees visiting our garden but I know that they are endangered. There is a movement growing to stop our local power company from spraying herbicides on the power right of ways — hoping this harmful practice will stop as it also endangers bees.

    • We need to share the fields with our animal friends, not dominate them, don’t we Vicki! I remember when the fields here were full of poppies and other wild flowers, plenty of food for everyone. But there are always two sides to every story. Without the pesticides we are told there will not be enough yield for everyone to have enough food to eat. However, without the bees etc. to pollinate the crops, there won’t be any crops! so we must compromise.

  2. Our bees seem to be doing okay, and I enjoy the local honey gathered from beekeeping farms nearby. I just love that picture of that fat bee. How come he looks so happy to me? It must be his intense concentration! 🙂

  3. Bees are so important Oma I too hope the Bee march was successful… Its so important to try and grow Bee and Butterfly friendly plants….

    We have seen lots of Big Bumble Bees around but they are searching for food, as the blossoms are very late around here.. the apple trees are 4 to 5 weeks behind …I have also seen a few butterflies too out……… Wishing you a good weekend Oma…

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