Hand-spinning with Blue Faced Leicester Tops


This beautifully coloured roving was one of my Christmas presents and I’ve just started spinning with it. It came from Miss Babs, via The Yarn Haven shop in Knoxville.


I have no idea if it was expensive. I’ve seen Tops at all different prices, more and less. I look in the Etsy shop usually. Perhaps one of you could give me a guide price as to what you would expect to pay?

The colours are varied in this lovely roving. There is everything from purple to brown and I couldn’t wait to get started. After the last three months spinning with a mixture of Alpaca/silk and prior to that Merino, I had to practise a little. This yarn is much more woolly and more difficult to draft. I spent a while practising until I felt comfortable with it and then I started.


Here is the spun yarn.  I’ll come back and show you later when I’ve done some plying.


As a contrast, this is the Alpaca/silk spun up.


and this is the Targhee:


All quite different.

I enjoy my spinning.  It’s a great way to relax.

What do you do to relax?


9 thoughts on “Hand-spinning with Blue Faced Leicester Tops

  1. Love this Oma, Spinning is something I have always wanted to do..
    At school I remember we had to collect sheeps wool, as we lived in a small village and knew lots of farmers children lol we had plenty of sheeps wool,
    Our teacher brought some spike boards which we learnt was to Card the wool after it had been washed and dried of all the dirt.. so that its fibres when in the same direction..
    We didnt have a spinning wheel, but little plumblines which we spun as we teased the wool to form strands,,,
    I never forgot that..
    And my Gran taught me how to knit..
    I relax by either knitting, painting or writing… But out of them all Painting is the main way I relax…
    Thank you Oma for sharing …
    ( I have no idea about the costs )

    • I loved your little story about the carding. I’ve never done any of that or washing or dyeing the wool. How lovely that you grew up with those delightful memories.

    • You’d be very welcome Dianne. I will soon have my 2nd spinning wheel here and then be able to give lessons to those who want it. The alpaca/silk mix was wonderful. It felt like spinning with hair, it was so silky.

  2. I do the same as you, I spin !!! Although I mostly dye my own tops and fleece, when I feel like a treat I buy from FeltstudioUK etsy shop. Danielas fibre is always lovely and she uses a different colour range to mine. Loving the purples in the BFL top. Check out UK spinners on Ravelry as well as they have a page for dyed fibres 🙂

    • That’s really helpful Guzzisue. Thank you. I will check out the FeltstudioUK very soon. I don’t like to be without some roving. My problem is I spin it up too quickly because it is addictive. Recently I’ve been rationing myself to so many minutes (hours) per day. When the better weather comes! I will be busy outside but for now, the spinning wheel is King!

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