Time for Frogs and Decorating

Frog 35

It will soon be time for frogs.  Can you see the little one in the middle of this picture? He’s just alighting on the lily pad.

It’s also time for Spring cleaning and here in the cottage – decorating. It’s time to do the dining room and give it a little spruce up.  I took the curtains to the dry cleaners today and was horrified to find that I had to pay £22 to have them cleaned and wait ten days as well! Things have changed since my youth! It’s still cheaper than buying new but only just, I feel. They are long curtains, not quite reaching to the floor and a lovely warm shade of red, just right for winter nights. I’m sure they will look a whole lot better when they come back…

So this morning J got up bright and early and started painting the ceiling in the dining room.  It looks a lot brighter already, but with the window open to let out the fumes, it soon got cold so after lunch we disappeared into the back of the cottage and closed the door on the morning room to watch ‘The Lady Vanishes’, a new production, which was quite enjoyable although not as good as the original nor the remake with Elliott Gould.

Unfortunately, once you start decorating, all sorts of other things seem to look wrong. The lampshades need changing, the carpet needs cleaning and we need a new bookcase because my grandson is heavy footed and I’m afraid the one we’ve got may fall on top of him. To prevent that happening for the moment, we’ve put the dining table in front of it, but that is only a temporary measure.

…so we rested this afternoon and much tea was drunk. Tomorrow we start again.

Here’s another frog picture:

Frog 1

6 thoughts on “Time for Frogs and Decorating

  1. Oh, nice! I am so glad to see all the green in your picture. Dylan is heavy footed? I wouldn’t have guessed that. 🙂

  2. Hi Oma, the pond is looking good.. We also have a small pond and I am always relieved in the Spring time that they have made it through..
    Spring Cleaning both indoors and outdoors is very invigorating as we renew the energy of both home and garden…
    We have to look out for our Two Year old Grandchildren, as they are full of curiosity and explore the most least likely places….. When we decorate one room it shows up the rest Lol… Wishing you well and your thoughts were very welcome upon my latest post..
    Thank you

  3. Decorating is always worth the effort but can indeed be exhausting. You are right to take it a step at a time. Good luck & look forward to seeing the finished result!

  4. Oh I know what you mean. We were hanging new curtains and suddenly discovered that the our ceiling had to be painted as well and other things. Up to a busy weekend. The photos are magical. Love that little frog face in the pond.

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