Millie’s trip to England – quarantine


It won’t be long now before Millie makes her epic journey to England from America. I want to follow her progress with you.

Tomorrow she is going to the vet to get her rabies injection.  She has to have that exactly one month before she travels.  We don’t have rabies in England and we don’t want it thank-you so this is really important.

She also has to have a new chip put in her neck because the American one is not acceptable internationally.

She needs a passport to travel.

When she gets here she will not need to go into quarantine because the laws have been relaxed for some countries. You can read more about that issue here.     I don’t think I would bring her over if she had to go into quarantine for six months here because that would be cruel. She’s always been free to roam in or out of the house and she would think she’d done something wrong if she was trapped in somewhere.

However, I will have to keep her in the cottage for a few days so she gets used to the new environment and my England cat, Patch – see below.


Patch is thirteen years old now and may not take kindly to a stranger in the camp! We’ll see. Watch this space.

So good luck for tomorrow Millie. I hope your inoculation goes ok.

See you soon…


5 thoughts on “Millie’s trip to England – quarantine

    • Yes Sue, so many things could go wrong, but I’m not thinking about that. She is a fine cat, six years old and should be able to cope with it all. This is a once in a lifetime thing – I just can’t bear to leave her behind.

      • Millie will be in fine hands I am sure and once she is settled she will be fine.. And what a lovely new home she has to share too 🙂 I hope you are not snow bound right now.. Bitter cold and flurries of snow here but its about all gone again for the moment as the sun came out briefly.. But brrrrrrrrrr its a bitter wind..
        Stay snug and warm Oma..
        Hugs Sue xox

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