Knitting up my spinning.


I chose this pattern to knit up my handspun merino yarn. I liked the front panel pattern and the fact that it is short-waisted, like me. I need a jumper that stops at the waist, to look the most flattering. I have very wide hips, like Beyonce! (yeah right!) and long jumpers don’t suit me.  It is hard to find a pattern that does me justice. I must be the only one in the world with hips this wide!

One of the problems with handspun yarn is that you don’t really know how much you’ve got!  I don’t have a counter so I can estimate how much yardage and short of using a tape measure, I’m a bit lost. So far I’ve done it by weight, but since I’m new to handspinning, I’m still experimenting.

I decided that if anything I was going to be short so I’ve knitted the back, front and sleeves up to the armhole and no further. I figured that I would definitely have enough yarn for that and if I run out, I can buy something similar to finish it off. Contrast might even be better. Then I’ll have a different problem to cope with, that of the thickness of the yarn, not the length. I’ll worry about that when I come to it.

Time for another picture:

This is the back, up to the armhole and waiting patiently on a stitch holder to be finished.



This is how the front panel knits up.




I’ll be back to show you how I’m getting on later.

In the meantime, sometimes I knit up a scarf…


6 thoughts on “Knitting up my spinning.

  1. Oma I just love your yarn and your knitting pattern you picked.. My kind of knitting too… I hope you have enough for fishing off and if not can get a good match.. Thank you for sharing

    • Ha ha, I thought someone would pick me up on the ‘jumper’. A jumper in America is what we call a dress in England, right? I don’t like sweater because it sounds like you sweat in it, to me. Just what you get used to, I suppose!

  2. I’ve only knitted one jumper from handspun wool (for a friend) and it turned out beautifully. I love the one you’re knitting. More pics when it’s finished? 😀

  3. Yes Dianne, I’ll put more pics when it’s finished but I have to find a good corresponding yarn I think. I’m quite enamored with the idea of a darker top though. Must start looking around.

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