Daffodil watch!


I told you yesterday I was on daffodil watch. This is where we are today, 5th March. St. David’s day has come and gone (1st March) and there weren’t many daffodils about around these parts. My daffodil, which doesn’t realise it’s being watched by the way! is almost out but not quite. We’ve had two days of Spring now. Perhaps it will be out before Friday when I’m told it will rain.

Here are some more of my stock, tucked in he corner under the laurel.


and some more pics from my early March garden:

First, a brave pansy that has weathered the winter!


Help me out with this beautiful plant people? I can’t remember what it’s called…


The dogwood has such beautiful red branches in the wintertime. Sometimes I prune it, but this year I didn’t and now I’m glad because I’m enjoying it so much.


In the next picture you will see two varieties of holly and an apple tree in the middle! In order to get berries on your holly, you need to have two hollies, one male, one female. It follows that there will only be berries on the female one, which in this case is the lighter of the two.

The apple tree has a story attached to it. I bought it as a Cox’s orange pippin, but it was anything but….so we decided to get rid of it after a few years of wishing and hoping. We cut down the tree, put a cross against the stump. My partner at the time poured acid over it and we put a bucket over the top. That stayed there for about 3 years. When I took the bucket off, I thought we’d seen the last of the tree, but no! everything grows well in my garden and it wasn’t long before it sprouted and has now grown above the level of the fence. I can’t wait to see what apples grow on it – eventually. I’m guessing they will be magic apples!!! After it struggled for life so valiantly, I now let it grow. I haven’t the heart to attack it again, ever!


Can you see the rhubarb buds in the next pic?


There are lots of pretty primroses… and if you look closely, you can see some tiny violas just starting.


I hope you’ll come and visit my English garden again soon 🙂


11 thoughts on “Daffodil watch!

    • Thank you Jessica. Yes, it does look just like the Helleborus foetidus, doesn’t it. I don’t know how it came to my garden. From the description on Wikip… I see it likes shady, woodland places so I have it in the perfect place at the back of the garden. However, since it’s poisonous, I’d better move it further back for next year. I wouldn’t want Dylan to suffer from it.!

  1. Daffodils are one small thing/flower that reminds me of England. Before long they will all be out and blowing their yellow trumpets 🙂

  2. I love your pictures; your garden is way ahead of ours. The most recent snowstorm was very cruel to the trees, and broke a lot of budding branches – and now we’re expecting more snow tomorrow. I agree with the person who thought your mystery plant was hellebore; we have it here too, and it blooms in early spring. And you are so lucky to have primroses in early March. They were one of my mother’s favorite flowers.

    • Is my garden really way ahead of yours Loren? My goodness, I thought I must be trailing really badly here. I hate the late snowstorms and freeze ups. It’s so cruel on the plant and tree world, isn’t it! Primroses are one of my favourites too.

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