Bertie’s House


Some of you will have noticed the above picture on my sidebar. It concerns my book ‘Bertie’s House‘, which I wrote under the pseudonym Amanda Marigold.

If you click the link, it will take you to the Amazon store where you can buy the book.

I started writing ‘Bertie’s House’ when I kept a rabbit called Bertie. The book concerns the adventures which Bertie has along with his other animal friends who live in the same street.

Here’s an excerpt:

Chapter One

A very private person

Once upon a sunny day Bertie sat in his house and surveyed the world around him.  He was on his own as usual, but it had its compensations.  There was nobody to argue with and nobody to tell him what to do and, if he felt like it, he could close his eyes and have a little sleep and nobody would complain.  The housework could wait.  It was much too nice a day to worry about cleaning and who was there to care whether he changed his bed or not?

Belinda was playing in the street.  Despite the weather, she was dressed in her black coat with a fur collar.  She ran in and out of the bushes chasing shadows and playing hide and seek with the sun.  Perhaps she would soon have a snack and then play some more but before she could make up her mind, something dramatic happened…

A fluffy white cloud suddenly turned black and it started to rain.

Belinda didn’t like getting wet so she ran across the road to Bertie’s house and hid inside his shed.  From the doorway she could see how comfortable Bertie was, but she knew she could not get inside his house because the door was locked.  Bertie’s door was only opened once a day and that was in the early morning.  He was a very private person.’

This is a children’s book, but it works for adults too, just so long as you enjoy the simple things in life.

I hope you buy it and enjoy it and if you do, I wouldn’t mind some more reviews on it?


8 thoughts on “Bertie’s House

  1. Just bought your book, can’t wait to read it, it looks charming. It has a very nice reveiw also. Congratulations on publishing – I had no idea you were a published author! Have you written other books also?

    • Thank you Loren. I know you like cuddly toys (as do I). Between us we must have a menagerie! This is a story for grown ups (who haven’t fully grown up!) and for children (who love animals). I hope you enjoy it. It is quite different to my other work.
      People have told me lots of times that I should write for children but I don’t like to be restricted to any particular genre.

    • yes, good. Perhaps your cat story will show up on the American site one day? What I did notice on mine was that to start with, when the lady who gave the review posted it, she had to do it twice, once on .com and once on which was a pain for her to do. They haven’t got it all quite right yet.

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