Waiting for a new grandchild.

As I wait patiently for my new grandchild, who is due on 22nd May, I am thinking back to a former time when I too was waiting for a child.  I have been very lucky, for not one…

not two … but three little boys have been given to me.

I keep their baby books in this very special box and look at them from time to time.

This is Robert’s first picture, taken in May 1974. Click to enlarge and see better.

and Edward came along three year’s later in 1977, the year of our Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

Three years after that, in 1980, David was born.  We were too busy to take a picture of him so the entry had to wait a few months!

Now David is going to be a daddy and I am wondering what the baby will look like.  Will it be a boy or a girl, big or small, quiet or noisy, we just have to wait and see..

What I do know is that he/she will bring lots of joy into their lives and mine too.

So, here I am waiting, waiting.  Do you like my slippers?

9 thoughts on “Waiting for a new grandchild.

  1. These baby books are absolutely beautiful 🙂 Even though I’ve moved a lot since my three children were born I still lug around boxes of their baby pictures, their drawings, cards and anything else I can. These are wonderful memories 😀

    • Yes I have quite a collection too. It’s hard to part with them but when they get houses big enough to accommodate all the stuff, they can have it. I’m too nostalgic that’s my trouble!

      • Yes .. forever! After losing our 6 month old granddaughter last year to heart disease, we are aching to hold another baby. We had a ‘reveal’ party .. it’s a boy. I like the old fashioned way of being completely surprised 🙂

      • So do I Mrs. Mac! So sad about your granddaughter (hug). I am very much looking forward to ‘having’ this new grandchild along with you. So far so good although Michelle did have a very bad case of sickness at the beginning.

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