Dylan update

Lamby getting ironed

This is my grandson Dylan’s favourite ‘sniff’. He’s called Lamby and he’s a sheep, in case you were wondering.  Every now and then he needs a wash! and an iron! He looks a bit worried, doesn’t he?

Dylan has a sleep-over at the cottage ever now and then. Here we are testing the water for his bath.


The weather has turned colder in the last few days and it’s set to turn even colder tomorrow. We might even get down to minus 10 deg.s C., which is too cold. I am down to going out only when I have to. The rest of the time I prefer to stay in the cottage where it’s nice and warm and cosy.

Best of all I like to curl up on the sofa, under a blanket and watch a nice film. Like this:


How are you spending your winter days?

5 thoughts on “Dylan update

  1. Yes, Lambie does look a little nervous to be under the iron. I would be, too! That nice comfy place to watch a movie is quite lovely. I would be spending a bit of time there myself! 🙂

    • Yes I love them too and have far too many, I have to admit! Dylan used to have two lambys, but one of them went awol, sadly. He takes it everywhere. It’s a real comfort to him.

  2. That looks so inventing!
    Connor’s Big Bunny has to have a bath on occasion as well. I’ve included Connor in the process so he’ll let him go. Forget ironing, though, because Connor won’t even let Big Bunny dry before he’s asking for him. And asking is a mild term:)

    • Nice to have you visit Whitney and lovely to ‘see’ you again 🙂 Lamby doesn’t get ironed very often, I’m sure. He’s usually clutched tight in Dylan’s sticky hands!!

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