Time to send Christmas cards and decorate the tree.


Yesterday, being Friday, was a good day for Dylan to help me with the decorating of our Christmas tree. Although he didn’t really feel very well, he was very helpful, unpacking all the baubles for me and putting them on the tree, very carefully. When it was finished, it looked very nice. He has already decorated his own tree at home so you could call him experienced!



With help, Dylan was able to put the star on the top too!


…and after all that work, he got to choose a special biscuit.


The cards are quickly filling up the window ledges…

and the dresser …


and I am looking forward to the festivities to come and to sharing them with you too.

I’d love to know how your preparations are going?


7 thoughts on “Time to send Christmas cards and decorate the tree.

    • Thank you. My first try this year was a gingerbread house. That was a total disaster! The walls wouldn’t hold up and the roof kept sliding off! Oh well, better luck next time.
      Then I turned my attention to the cookies and had a bit better luck.

    • That coloured icing turned out to be a big success Valerie. It’s not nearly as sweet as it looks. It was cheap to buy, available in lots of colours and easy to roll out. It was also fun to do but the whole process is very time consuming and it didn’t half make my back ache – all that standing!!!

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