Roving to yarn!

This glorious Autumn-coloured roving was mine to spin recently whilst I was in America.

I began to spin and soon it filled the spool.

Here it is once plyed and hanging in skeins.

I brought it back to England with me and put it into balls, using my Swift and ball winder.

Now, what to make with it? Perhaps some mittens? or a pretty shawl.

Purple mittens waiting to be decorated.

I can’t decide yet but whatever I make, it will be more enjoyable for having spun it myself!

5 thoughts on “Roving to yarn!

  1. Lovely, now that is what I call a skill, roving to yarn and spinning it all before knitting…. I remember back in my junior school days carding some sheep’s wool and the teacher had a spinning wheel… Great Fun as I remember except for the wool I think needed some more washing.. as It was full of bits… But then it was only an experiment as the wool supplied was from a classroom mate who lived on a farm…

    love your Mittens and colour/pattern choice… 🙂

    • Thank you Sue. Spinning is something I’ve always wanted to do. Last Christmas my husband bought me a spinning wheel and some lessons and I love it. I really love it. Shame about the wasted years that I didn’t do it but never mind. I’m catching up now on lost time.
      Now I’m thinking, if only I had my own sheep!!! but that’s not going to happen. I’m too old to chase sheep around with the clippers!!

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