Lighting the fires.

The last two mornings here at the cottage have been very misty and foggy. So, it’s time to light the fires and cosy up. Personally I don’t mind the dank, dark mornings and the early evenings when I have to draw the curtains at 4 o’clock. I’m definitely not a summer person, although I do like my garden during the summer months. That’s mainly for the flowers though, not the heat.  We didn’t get any heat in England this summer, nor much sun either, but I made up for that when I travelled to Tennessee and spent a few weeks with dh in the hot humidity!

After I’d been there for three days, I got a spider bite, which necessitated a visit to the hospital emergency room!

For the next 5 weeks I was unable to wear any sort of footwear except flip-flop sandals or Scholls! It is almost better now – six weeks later. I had to take strong anti-biotics. Just as the antibiotics were finishing, I developed a wheezy cough, which was annoying both day and night and would not go away! Eventually I went to the doctor who did a chest X-ray and an asthma test. Both were normal so he prescribed Nasonex, a nasal spray for allergic conditions. I had to take that once a day at night for six weeks! Considering I had arrived in Knoxville with a very sore back, I was not doing too well was I? and I began to long for my cosy cottage back in England.

Worse was to come! My dh started having panic attacks about coming to England. As you know we were going to bring the cat, Millie, and stay in England for three months with the idea that dh might like to consider moving here permanently. He just isn’t up to it!! So we are destined to remain apart and I’m not at all happy with that situation.

Anyway, I’m back in England, thrilled that I’m going to be an Oma again next May and for what comes in between, let’s just wait and see…

Here are some lovely pictures of the beautiful trees around the area where I live in Knoxville:

6 thoughts on “Lighting the fires.

  1. Was that a brown recluse spider? Ouch! Good thing you got medical treatment quickly. You are not a summer girl, either, huh? Summer is my least favorite time in the states, too hot and humid in most places. I much prefer fall and winter! Glad I’m not the only one, most people look at me like I’m crazy when I say I like winter over summer 🙂

  2. Gosh, I had no idea spiders could be so dangerous but then I’m only used to the harmless varieties we have here. Glad you’re over it now. I’m not a great lover of summer either, I much prefer spring, autumn and yes sometimes even winter.

  3. I do love the fall colours and would love to see them over there. So much better than in the UK. Another one on my list..!

    I hope that dh and Millie will be able to come over to England at some point. As you say, wait and see. I’m glad you’re feeling better too.

  4. Ouch! to the spider bite Oma, and ooooh and arrrgh to the Autumn photos, The trees have been lovely this year… We too had lots of mist and fog… it hasnt lifted all day here… Welcome back home and hope that heal of yours is now on the mend…
    Blessings Sue x

    • That spider bite looks bad. I can see why you couldn’t wear shoes. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Which reminds me that I should be getting a flu shot soon… hope I don’t have any reaction to that! 🙂

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