Oma’s Tennessee garden

I’ve completed my journey and arrived back in Tennessee, looking forward to another game of Scrabble with Larry.  A while ago he made this Scrabble board because we both got fed up with the restrictions of the usual one.  I like this one much better and the game lasts all through the evening, which is a pleasant way to spend time. Larry is my husband.

It was also nice to see my familiar things like this old table, which belonged to my Oma.  The table lived in Holland for much of its life, then travelled to England with my mum and finally has its resting place in Tennessee.

I say finally, but then you never know do you.

The lovely knitting needle case on the table is very appropriate for where I am in my life at the moment, i.e. a little old lady with grey hair who spends her time knitting and spinning…

I have lots of dried roses as pot pourri.  They always smell so wonderful.

Now I’m going to show you some pictures from the Tennessee garden, through the year so far.

When I arrived I had a very sore back and I’m still suffering with it. However, maybe after a few day’s rest, I will feel better and be more mobile.

I did manage to walk round Joanne’s today though (wink). I love that place.  It’s full of gorgeous materials and yarns and scrap-booking stuff etc.  All the things that make me a happy me.

The lychnis is pretty in the next picture.

So for the next few weeks I will be blogging from Tennessee. I hope you’ll follow along with me as I live my American life?

13 thoughts on “Oma’s Tennessee garden

    • Thank you Valerie. Yes it is very nice to be back in my other home. Millie was very pleased to see me and while I’m here I intend to watch The Lake House (smile). I see you’re all having some lovely weather this weekend too!

    • Ahh thank you very much Mrs. Mac. It’s a good time to come now that my English garden doesn’t need quite so much attention! Did you get a good bean crop in the end?

      • Yes. Planted three varieties. Bush, pole and scarlet runners. Still getting enough for a handful to add to soup, etc. each day. Now I have to go harvest some of the beans I ‘let go’ and save the seeds for next year’s ‘free’ food 🙂

  1. Your pictures are simply stunning! Nicely done, Star. And welcome back to this side of the pond. I’ve been very busy moving but have read all your posts on both blogs. 🙂

    • I’m glad you’ve got your moving done. It will be a while before you feel completely at home, but you will get there. I’m also glad you stayed in the same block because now you can keep your garden. Thank you for supporting me (on both blogs). It’s lovely to be back here with Larry and Millie again (glow).

  2. Have a lovely time in the States. I really hope your back is feeling better 😦

    I love scrabble, but my hubby won’t play with me because I always win 😀

    The pictures of the flowers are magnificent!

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