In a village lives a scarecrow…

In the village there are scarecrows, so you’d better watch out.

You never can tell when one of them will pop up and give you a fright!

like Mr. Pumpkin head here…

or this irate farmer!

Sometimes they appear over hedges with large sharp instruments in their hands…

…and quite often they creep up behind you and throw their arms wide…

It’s hard to tell which of the people are real and which are not!

Some are jolly happy people and some are not!

Some are lazy and prefer not to chat!

Some carry guns!

…and some can’t be seen, but you know they are there…

Scarecrow, scarecrow turn around.
Scarecrow, scarecrow touch the ground.
Stand up tall and blink your eyes.
Raise your hands up to the sky.
Clap your hands, then tap your knees.
Turn around and tap your feet.

Scarecrow, scarecrow touch your toes.
Scarecrow, scarecrow tap your nose.
Swing your arms so very slow,
Now real fast to scare the crows!
Tough your head, jump up and down.
Now sit down without a sound.

3 thoughts on “In a village lives a scarecrow…

  1. Now this is novel, and not heard of around these parts,.. But in my Derbyshire Village we would have a best Flower garden in the village competition,.. Loved the inventiveness of those scarecrows.. Thank you for sharing.. Loved them… and I wouldnt like to be a judge..

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