Getting in a spin!

I’ve been spinning up a storm this week and now have enough of this cream-coloured merino wool yarn to make a garment.

I always admire the yarns I see on but quite often there is only enough available to make a scarf or a shawl or a pair of socks. These days I prefer to make something a bit more substantial, which takes at least 500 gms of yarn. I haven’t decided what to make yet, but it will inevitably be something for the winter months because this yarn is so lovely and warm.

Already there is just a touch of Autumn in the air and when I get that feeling I start looking out my knitting needles and sewing kit and planning what I’m going to do during the darker evenings.

I have all my knitting needles in this handy hold-all, which can be used for coloured pencils too. I love having them in here because I can find just the ones I want without difficulty.

Maybe I’ll even do a little quilting…

and a little wishing and cauldron lighting when the fancy takes me…

Have a great week everyone.

6 thoughts on “Getting in a spin!

  1. I’m so smiling here starproms, as I have just downed the knitting needles, only one small sleeve to go, πŸ™‚ and then to join together before I do the rib around the bottom..
    This looks excellent Yarn.. Now while I love Wool and Knitting, you will have to explain Merino Wool?
    And I am smiling as I keep my own knitting needles in a home-made fabric case very similar to this..
    Enjoy and let us know what you decide to Knit..
    Lovely Photos, thank you for sharing.. xox Sue

    • Not exactly, but it does have a lot of good examples in it. The squares are not too big, which is good for starters. Then, if it goes well, you can make lots and sew them all together! Simples…

    • I bought a kilogram of the cream coloured merino roving and I shall spin it all up and ply it. I reckon I will then have a base to fall back on so that when I spin up some more interesting colours, if I don’t have enough to finish what I’m doing, the cream colour will match with anything else. That’s my theory anyway. At least it will be the same thickness because I tend to do it the same most of the time.

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