Look what I picked from my garden today.

These are the very first runner beans, picked on 10th August 2012.   They are about six inches long. Eight inches is the best size for eating since if you pick them before that they get too long, they won’t be stringy.  We had such a lot of rain in the early part of the year and through the summer, that the beans are at sixes and sevens.  They are really a crop for the late summer. During the one week of really good sunshine we had, lots of flowers appeared and therefore lots of beans are coming.  We will probably have a glut fairly soon.

The Sweet Peas were slow to get going too but now they are coming daily. Such pretty flowers.

8 thoughts on “Look what I picked from my garden today.

  1. I also picked green beans out of my garden. They look just like yours and are so tasty I am eating them raw rather than cooking them. Love your sweet peas!

  2. Hello, I’m Jessica, and just found your blog.

    Congrats on the beans. I live in the south west, so I know what you mean about the rain!Mine are well behInd, but I’m starting to see some little ones now so maybe, if the mice keep off…

    • Good luck Jessica. Tell those little mice to go find something else to eat! The first beans are always a cause for celebration in our house – yes, we’ve survived another year and yes, they are delicious!
      Welcome to my blog.

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