The London 2012 Olympics – Opening Ceremony – MV Empire Windrush

During the London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony, there was a sketch featuring the SS Windrush, which brought nearly 500 Jamaican immigrants to Britain in search of a better life. They were invited to come here by the Government in order to alleviate a labour shortage. Sounds odd to our ears these days in the midst of an economic crisis, doesn’t it!

The sketch at the Opening Ceremony didn’t last long, but was very significant, especially as yesterday Jamaica was celebrating 50 years of independence. So congratulations to the Jamaicans for that. I’m sure there were plenty of parties of celebration.

Here are the details from Wikipaedia:

‘On 23 June 1948, the MV Empire Windrush arrived in the UK with,amongst other migrants from the Caribbean, 492 Jamaicans onboard whom had been invited to the country to work. Many more followed as the steady flow of Jamaicans to the UK was maintained due to the continuing labour shortage.[3] Between 1955 and 1968, 191,330 Jamaicans settled in the UK.[3] These first generation migrants created the foundation of a community which is now well in to its third if not fourth generation.

The Caribbean island nation of Jamaica was a British colony between 1655 and 1962, these 300 years of English rule changed the face of the island considerably (having previously been under Spanish rule and populated mainly by the indigenous Arawak and Taino communities.’

Oh and just one more thing! I can’t leave this post without congratulating Usain Bolt on his win in the 100m the other night.  I’m sure you all watched it.  Wasn’t it exciting!
This picture from the Daily Mail newspaper.
So now I’ll run away and get on with my housework.
Have a great day everyone!

2 thoughts on “The London 2012 Olympics – Opening Ceremony – MV Empire Windrush

    • Ah ha, I did wonder! My husband watched it and said that a lot of it was cut out (to make room for more advertisements, I expect). There was so much in that ceremony. I videod it. I still have an old TV with video tapes, so I can watch it over again when my hubbie comes over here in October. It was great to see it without interruptions. BBC over here have covered all the Olympics without adverts and it’s been absolutely great. We’ve had coverage from breakfast to bedtime without a break. Over here we have a system of coloured buttons on our remote controllers. If we want to we can call up the menu on the red button and then choose which sport we want to watch by choosing another colour e.g. blue for tennis, yellow for football etc. It made it so easy to find something to watch that I liked.

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