Sunday is gardening day – Rhubarb and Potatoes harvested.

With all the rain we’ve had this Spring and Summer, the rhubarb has been wonderful!  Only problem has been what to do with it all. My favourite is rhubarb crumble and I’ll be posting a recipe for that in the near future. Meanwhile, it’s going to be rhubarb and custard, a perennial favourite.

The potatoes came out of the ground on Sunday this week. These are King Edward’s. Don’t they look fine.  I had a few of them for my dinner on Sunday and they tasted delicious. I wondered if they would be a throw away crop, totally saturated with all the rain, but no, they had grown bigger than usual but they were all ok.

Also in the vegetable garden, there has been an excess of flowers on the runner beans and we have some embryo beans coming along. Look closely at the next picture and you will see what I mean.  When my grandson Dylan gets back from Sandy Bay, with his bucket and spade, he will be delighted that his beans are growing strong. I still haven’t told him about the giant at the top of the stalk!

Let’s have a close look at these gorgeous flowers. No black beetles on there yet!

Happy Gardening folks!

3 thoughts on “Sunday is gardening day – Rhubarb and Potatoes harvested.

    • Yes, we eat them fresh. I will be posting on it as we go along. However, don’t let them get too big, because then they may go stringy and you don’t want that. If you pick them when they are about 8 inches long, that will be perfect. There is a knack to slicing them too. I’ll post on that one too. Whilst growing, they do need a lot of water so don’t neglect that. Ours usually get infested with tiny black beetles, but that doesn’t matter because they help to pollinate the flowers. Having said that, I haven’t seen any yet this year. Good luck with it. Please post on how you’re getting on so I can follow your progress 🙂

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