The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where I spend a lot of my time.

Keep watch over my animals.

Bake delicious food for my family. (They say so anyway).


…and listen to what my friends and family have to tell me.



4 thoughts on “The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home.

  1. Looks a nice kitchen. I love welsh dressers. Mine is like yours but with three shelves, no small drawers. However, mine is in the office where I work and it’s full of CDs, folders full of stories, books, and boxes filled with tools of the trade etc.

    • They seem to be useful in whichever room we put them,don’t they! I wanted to get away from the idea of having a fitted kitchen. I’m tired of that idea now and wanted to return to the country feel. The dresser was in my dining room for a couple of years, waiting for the kitchen walls and floor to be done. I was glad to put it where it is now – AT LAST!

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