In the garden – July 22nd 2012

I had to reach up really high to grab this beautiful climbing rose so I could take a picture of him. Holding him steady with one hand and taking a picture with the other is not easy, believe me but I am quite pleased with the result.  He is a little bit ragged round the edges owing to the rain this week, but overall he is surviving nicely and showing off his pretty colours, don’t you agree?

Don’t you just love the contrast in the colours below? The white of the feverfew with the blood red of the Sweet Williams is just gorgeous.

The potatoes are doing ok but the true test will be when I dig them up! I hope they are not rotten in the ground.  We have had the worst summer ever in England this year and that’s not just my opinion! Apparently we are importing a lot of vegetables from abroad now because we have just had too much rain.

The runner beans (on the left) have at last got some flowers – now we need lots of pollinating insects to get them going so they set. In the front are some tomatoes – not many flowers yet!!!

The runner beans look healthy enough and most years it is hard to get enough water to their roots, but this year I don’t think I’ve had to water them at all. I can’t believe we were in a drought situation at the start of April! We even had a hosepipe ban!

These Sweet Williams are that cerise colour which looks so good in a fashion show.

…and doesn’t the yellow contrast so well with the silvery green of the dogwood?

In the next picture we’ve got purple and white. White lifts every other colour and what would have been a dark corner is now ablaze. Even some liatris has got in with the feverfew.

9 thoughts on “In the garden – July 22nd 2012

  1. You’re garden is very pretty. I love that rose. I sometimes wish we’d gone in for vegetable gardening, unfortunately it’s too late now. I do have some herbs though; I use a lot of herbs in cooking.

    • Thank you Valerie. This year it’s almost a case of starting over! It’s so sad that we had all the rain in one wollop! Somebody must have done a helluva rain dance!!! ?

  2. Your garden is so beautiful! And I also love that pretty rose. It’s really unbelievable that you were in a drought situation in April! I do hope the Olympics go off without a hitch, even if there’s rain.

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  4. Beautiful pics! I grew potatoes for a couple of years and then we had a really wet summer and they were no good (and haven’t grown again).
    I envy you with this beautiful garden. Its winter here in Australia and everything is frozen solid! I’m just waiting for that first day of spring when I can walk out into my garden and start planting my snow peas and tomatoes 🙂

  5. Our gardens must have similar weather .. as mine is about at the same stage of growth. Aren’t the scarlet runner beans just beautiful when in bloom? 🙂

      • I, too, prefer the red flowers. This is my first year planting the runner beans. I have some planted at the back two corners of my ‘formal’ veggie garden. They appear to be pillars holding up the wire fence surround. My very favorite flower is the Red Tango Geranium. I use it in my hanging baskets .. it gives such a great pop of color from far away. Lot’s of bang for your buck 🙂

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