Sunday is Gardening Day – July 15th 2012

During last week we have had far too much rain in the cottage garden. The climbing roses have been doing their best to hang on, but today I cut them back. With luck and if the weather is kind, we may see another flush in August.

The geraniums (pelargoniums) have also taken a battering but now, at last, I see some flowers.

The vegetables have suffered even more. The next picture shows the runner beans this time last year. Notice there are lots of flowers!

Now compare this year’s photograph… too much rain, not enough flying insects to pollinate the flowers.  Flowers? What flowers. We are still waiting.


Ivy on the balcony.

Feverfew is abundant just now.  It has a lovely, musty smell.

The daisies are hardy and seem to take whatever comes.  This year because of the wet conditions, they have grown very leggy.

Have a great week fellow bloggers.

6 thoughts on “Sunday is Gardening Day – July 15th 2012

  1. Love your flowers, even if they are last year’s. We are having the same problem with too much rain and not enough sun.

  2. What beautiful flowers – that rose is an absolutely stunning colour – do you know what its name is? I dream of some of these plants thriving like yours are – but in our harsh climate I have to apply so much water just to get them to survive. Thank you for sharing them – they have brightened a cold winter’s day.

    • Hello and thank you for following 🙂 The yellow rose you admired is called ‘Golden Showers. I guess we are lucky to have such a temperate climate. We don’t have the tropical beauty, but we do have plenty of rain!

  3. Yes Valerie, lots of weeds as well as flowers and lots of grass cutting. Thankfully we don’t have much of that! Re your last comment about my ‘fingerprints’ post: sounds like you should be writing crime thrillers with all your experience. I envy you that. I’m much too shy to go into the police station and ask questions of them. I would feel such an idiot.

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