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My grandson Dylan

It’s time for me to introduce you to the little boy who is such a delight to me these days.  His name is Dylan and he is my first grandson. To say I am besotted with him is no exaggeration. I was told how much love a new grandson could bring into one’s life and it is true.

Dylan made his arrival into this world in October 2010 so that makes him currently 18 months old and he is a typical child of that age, except of course that is exceptionally bright and liable to grow up to be rich and famous and clever and accomplished!!! I’m not biased of course.

The first picture was taken at Easter and shows him enjoying his Easter Egg.

The next picture shows a more wistful side of his nature.

This next picture shows him in a thoughtful mood.  Perhaps he is wondering what is for lunch or when mummy or daddy is coming home from work.  Who knows?

I look after Dylan one day a week plus additional times as required.  This wears me out but gives me much pleasure.

Yesterday was Friday so Dylan came to visit.  He likes his routine here in my English cottage. He is growing runner beans so every time he comes he wants to see how high they have grown and he LOVES watering them with his watering can.  One day I suppose I’ll have to tell him that there is a giant at the top of his beanstalk, but not yet, not today! Plenty of time to find out about giants later…

Dylan loves shopping. I take him to Sainsbury’s just up the road. There is a special place to park the car with extra space for getting the child out and into the shopping cart so I use that with gratitude.  Of course, other people like those prime spots too so I have to be quick.  Dylan gets strapped into the cart and into the shop we go. He likes to examine everything before it goes in the cart. He calls oranges ‘balls’ and wants to play with them! Why not indeed? Bananas are a favourite and he loves the biscuit (cookie) aisle and chooses his own ‘bibbits’ as he calls them, chattering away all the while.

If we bump into anyone I know, he always smiles and says ‘goodbye’ very sweetly when we part.  He’s a real charmer!

When we get to the check-out, he likes to put the purchases on the conveyor belt. He enjoys being helpful.

When we get home, he likes to help unpack the bags.  I usually have six bags of shopping so it takes a long while to unpack. I have to watch him a bit otherwise some of the shopping ends up on the floor like the eggs a couple of weeks ago.  He picked up an egg box and didn’t have it in his grasp properly.  Naturally he didn’t realise that eggs break! and looked so surprised when they did and there was a gooey mess all over the floor to clean up.

I find it impossible to be cross with him.

I like to knit and sew for him and read him stories and I hope that you will enjoy following his development as he makes his way along the path of life.

I’m looking forward to telling you more about him in the weeks to come.


A New Spinning Wheel

This is my spinning wheel, which my husband bought for me for Christmas (wasn’t I lucky!). It’s something I’ve always wanted since I love knitting and sheep and all things wool, especially woolly blankets around me during the cold of the winter! It’s an Ashford Traveller and it is just perfect for me. It has two treadles, which must be good for exercising my legs and keeping the blood flowing nicely and a rack (lazy Kate) for the spools of yarn once thread. There is room on the rack for three spools, plus there is one at the top which I am filling up.

When I get two spools of yarn finished, I can ply them together and make something with which I can knit.

I had two lessons in hand spinning from an expert (take a bow Kelhora if you’re reading this ever) and lots of practice between lessons and got the hang of it. I won’t say it was easy to learn – it wasn’t but I was determined to do it so I persevered.

I bought some gorgeous roving in the local yarn shop and put it in a bag to use when I got proficient enough!

What do you think of the colour?  Isn’t it just so gorgeous.  I really hoped I had bought enough because I had no clue how much I needed to make a cardigan for myself.  I know that I usually buy 10 balls of 100g yarn and that’s enough so I had to do some simple arithmetic to work out the need.

Next time I’ll tell you what I did with it! be sure and call back to see. I’m so looking forward to showing you my very first effort at knitting up my own yarn.


The aging process


This is what I look like. I turned 60 last October. When I look in the mirror, I see my mother looking back at me and I’m not sure I like that. I’m not saying my mother wasn’t nice looking. It’s just that I don’t want to look like her.

Recently I have read in the press that Hilary Clinton is not so concerned about her looks in the public eye anymore. She has stopped using a lot of makeup, preferring the natural look in her present frame of mind and she has left her hair to do its own thing more than before.  She always looked immaculate until recently. I don’t blame her for having her current opinion though. It’s much the same as mine.

For years I have dyed my hair, trying lots of different colours and getting some interesting results.  On one visit to the hairdresser I came away with that new colour, bright auburn red. Even the hairdresser was surprised at how red it was. I smiled and said it looked nice, which it did, but it wasn’t really ME. What is ME? I’m still not sure.  When I turned 60 I decided to try the ‘older’ look. For years people have been treating me as if I was younger than I am and that is a mixed blessing…

Sometimes whilst sitting at the front of the bus, someone, who is probably the same age as me but looks older, has looked sternly at me and made gestures as if I should give up my seat to them (because they were older) but in truth, they were probably the same age as me or even younger. I felt embarrassed when things like that happened. I wondered if I looked my age, if perhaps someone would offer me their seat?  It hasn’t happened yet!

My grandson was born 19 months ago. I wondered what I should look like as Oma? Should I try to look 50 or should I look my age.  Whatever I did, he wouldn’t know any difference, would he?

Two years ago, I looked like this:


and I liked my long hair, but not everyone does! It’s a lot of bother and expensive too, to keep it looking like that, but is it worth it? Is it worth the expense and the bother.  I’m still not sure.

How important is image?  What do you think?

A Visit to Ely Cathedral


This picture shows a tortoise stove in Ely Cathedral.  Believe me they are welcome in winter when the cold winds from Siberia blow directly towards Ely Cathedral in the heart of the Fens in England.  I lived in Ely for two years back in the 1970’s and almost every day I would walk towards and into the cathedral for a warm-up or a cool down depending on the time of the year.

You can read the history of Ely Cathedral here. It has a truly fascinating history.

One of my ambitions has been to visit all the cathedrals in England. I’m achieving the goal slowly!

I’d l’d like to show you more of the cathedral so I’ve inserted a slideshow (hopefully) so you can see the wonderful octagon which is self-supporting and made entirely of wood.

Enjoy the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you have any ambitions like this? to visit special places.

Summer is late this year in England.

 Hello I’m Oma and I live in England. I like to grow flowers and cook cakes and play with my Grandson Dylan. I’m hoping to make lots of new friends on here and learn about your lives, which may be very different from my own.

I have lots of hobbies and interests, which I would like to share with you and I’ll let you know what they are as we go along.

For now I’d like to share with you these beautiful clematis flowers which have been adorning my garden for a couple of weeks now.

New friends and old ones are welcome to visit me in my cottage.  The kettle is always on here and the teapot waiting 🙂