My Latest Knitting Project


This is my current project with the knitting needles.  The yarn I’m using is Emu Coolspun and it’s a cool, cotton yarn, ideal for the summer.  You have to be a little bit careful when washing cotton, otherwise it’s pretty perfect and very comfortable to wear.

All hand knitted garments made of natural fibres like wool, silk or cotton should be washed by hand ideally and dried flat.  If you don’t do that then you’re asking for a failure. It’s as simple as that. The man-made fibres are fine for the washing machine and respond well at 30 degrees temperature. Some say 40 degrees. I pick and choose which ones I’m careful with and which ones I can be a bit more confident with.

The pattern I’m using is specially designed for the yarn I’ve got so there should be no problems there and it is knitting up rather well.  I love the colour.


6 thoughts on “My Latest Knitting Project

  1. I made this pattern in a pale orange and it is extremely comfortable. When I got to the finishing of the neckline, I could not understand what the instructions were telling me so I wen to a sewing group and asked the convenor — who also had to decipher that instruction. But it took her only a few minutes. When she explained it to me as she knitted the finishing, it was perfectly clear…as were the printed instructions once I had seen the process in action, so to speak. I love the fact that it doesn’t it or irritate because it is cotton. I will be making some more out of that booklet this spring and summer. By the way I wash it carefully and dry it on a hanger.

  2. wow, I made that long ago, also a lovely cardigan, would so much like the pattern but have searched high and low and cannot find it!!!

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