Daily Chores


I’m quite organised when it comes to housework. Well actually very organised. I suppose that comes of bringing up three sons. More of them another time.  Monday’s job is making my bed.

My knitted blanket is discarded on the floor while I change the sheets.


The duvet cover is easy to remove.


I have a duvet underneath as well as on top.  I love the cover of this one.  I’ve had it forever.


My doll, Emily, sits and waits on the new clean sheet while I put the new cover on. Yes, I like my doll, but she also serves a purpose.  She keeps my cat off my pillow during the daytime!


I love bright colours.  Did you guess?

This week it’s going to be orange and purple (very popular in the seventies).


I keep the blanket on top even in the summer, again for the cat. She loves to snuggle on it and it keeps my feet warm at night.


When reading other people’s Blogs I find so many things of interest. I read arty blogs. I read a few, not many, sporty blogs, writing blogs and crafty blogs. I like blogs which tell of other people’s lives. This is a little bit of my life.

The daily chores form a large part of my life. I like the ordinary mundane things of life, but I also like excitement sometimes.


4 thoughts on “Daily Chores

  1. I learned about duvets when traveling in Asia, and I think it’s the best way to deal with bedding. There are not many choices here in the US, though. Nice colors!

    • Yes D-Jan. When I went to America, I learned that duvets are mostly called comforters. It’s not the same thing really but similar. They are just as cosy.
      Yours of course is the sporty blog I’m referring to in this post. You are definitely the most sporty person I know.

    • Yes it is lovely in the winter and it provides storage for extra ones too. In July when I take the top one to the launderette, I use the bottom one as a temporary cover. Then when I bring the top one back, I take the other one to be cleaned, ending up with two clean ones. I used to store the spare one in the airing cupboard, but it took up so much room, I decided to look for an alternative storage space and then voila! I thought, ‘why not on the bed’. It’s out of the way, protects the mattress and provides extra warmth when needed.

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