Sunday is gardening day.


I love being in the garden, especially on Sunday. It’s like playing with a paint-box, trying out all the different colours. I love to see dark red with silver:

pink with blue:


The Nigella’s or to give them their common name, Love-in-a-mist, are usually blue, but sometimes you get a white one or a pink one. This year I have several white ones and they are prized, only because they are a bit different and they look good with the other colours.  White always sets off the other colours nicely. So here is a white one.  What do you think?


Today being Father’s Day, I wasn’t in the garden for long, just enough to fill up the dustbin again.  I wish the dustbin men came every week to collect the garden refuse in the summer and Autumn.

The Sweet Williams are such diverse colours this year.  How about this vibrant pink?


or this more subtle one behind the blue Nigella?


Let’s have a splash of yellow:


and to end with, a medley of them all together!


Hope you are enjoying your Sunday as much as I am?


6 thoughts on “Sunday is gardening day.

    • The colours have been a long time coming this year D-Jan. First we had a drought and nothing grew much; then we had six weeks of almost continuous rain and since then more rain and wind and sun. The flowers hardly knew where they were! Now at last the Sweet Williams are showing their colours but they are late.
      ps I’m really enjoying watching and hearing about your new garden endeavours. Keep the posts coming, even if it’s only a little bit of news.

  1. Love the pictures. Since I started the wildlife patch there’s not so much gardening to be done. It’s all interesting though, only this morning I found another self-seeded flower that looks just like a species of orchid. Can’t find it in the wildflower book, though.

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